Noon Goons

Noon Goons makes objectively great clothes, excelling in laid-back silhouettes finished with little details that make them standout.

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It doesn't really get more SoCal than Noon Goons. The brand is a direct reflection of the punk, hip-hop, surf, and skateboarding cultures that are so deeply entrenched in Los Angeles's past and present. The City of Angels has been undergoing something of a cultural renaissance over these last few years and Kurt Narmore's streetwear brand has emerged as one of the few local brands capable of bringing all these disparate cultural elements together under a singular vision.

His clothing is quickly becoming the go-to uniform for Californian shredders, artists, cruisers, and musicians. Outside the realms of Downtown LA, this commitment to authenticity throughout the label's creative direction and manufacturing has attracted an international cult following — people eager to bask in Noon Goons oh-so-Cali laid-back silhouettes, bold prints, skate-ready baggy trousers, punk DIY jackets, and stand-out fabrics. Whether you are a local at Garvanza Skatepark or a tourist headed to the beach in the afternoon, you won't feel like a poser wearing Noon Goons.

Before starting his own label in 2016, Narmore bounced around working for LA-based brands like Stüssy and American Apparel. With his knowledge of fabrics and production, it only seemed natural to Narmore to start making clothes for his friends and locals. The brand would eventually dawn the moniker "Noon Goons," a phrase coined by the designer's mother to refer to a rookie who turns up to the beach at noon after the real surfers have gone home. Authentic down to the stitching, Noon Goons clothing embodies the sunny LA, homegrown, anti-establishment, and pro-youth attitude of the city. All the brand’s campaigns are street-cast with kids Narmore “met surfing, at the skatepark, or at a punk show."

Scrolling through a Noon Goons lookbook you might come across faux leathers jackets, animal print staples, slouchy plaid shirts, hard cruelty-free outerwear, and beach friendly bucket hats.

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