As the tour DJs for reigning rap crew A$AP Mob, the time J.Scott (aka A$AP Snacks) and A$AP Lou, otherwise known as the duo Cozy Boys, spend off-road comes few and far between.

Originally founded by the late Mob patron A$AP Yams, the group's rising notoriety has expanded into a burgeoning career outside of their Mob brethren, taking the "turn up" to some of the hottest clubs and festivals all over the globe such as Boiler Room, Coachella and Afropunk, to name a few.

We caught up with Cozy Boys in Los Angeles to find out how the two first became affiliated with A$AP Mob, what touring with A$AP Rocky is like and how they pledge to continue the spirit of "cozy" in Yams' honor.

How did you become affiliated with A$AP Mob?

J.Scott:  I had known A$AP Yams for a long time prior to everything, so we had been friends (even though I’m from ATL) and when things started to take off I was around to help.

A$AP Lou: I met the Mob at one of their early shows. I was just a fan at first, but Rocky saw me in the crowd turning up and told me to come on stage. The rest is history.

Describe a typical day of touring with Rocky.

J: It’s different for myself because sometimes I'm with tour production and we have a different schedule for setting up and soundcheck and things. I sometimes don’t see the Mob until we are in the green room before going on stage or actually on stage. Late night, early mornings, repeat.

L: It's fun, but it's work. People just see the Snapchats and Instagrams of us doing wild shit and having fun, which don't get me wrong, we do have a lot of fun playing pranks on each other and just turning up, but it is a lot of hard work.

What's the craziest thing that's happened while on tour?

J: That’s always a hard one, it's usually just the random shit that happens…a lot of Cozy situations all over.

L: If I answered this question some people would get into trouble.

How long have you two known each other?

J & L: Speaking of random shit, our first SXSW years ago I remember, well, it wasn’t the first time me and Lou met, but I remember there was a big fight at our last showcase and it was just a mess. I remember us ducking out avoiding the police and crowds and Lou had a rented car and it had been towed from the lot. We couldn’t find anyone, I just remember going to where the car was impounded and being there for what seemed like a really long time.

When did you guys decide that you wanted to start your own group?

J & L: Well, initially, we were a part of a big crew through KNOW WAVE called the BlackOutBoyz. Me, Yams and Rocky wanted to have our own authentic DJ collective to offset other collectives at the time.

So Yams had really started the “Cozy” lingo movement years ago and we had been calling ourselves that within our crew, so it gradually became Cozy Boys with me and Lou just continuing on what A$AP Yams had started and what he wanted to do after he passed.

What projects do you guys currently have in the works?

J & L: Radio show, Cozy album, new mixes, crazier gigs and good merchandise.

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