An unauthorized documentary, titled Drake: Rewriting The Rules, which follows the rise of Drake to hip-hop's highest level, is now available to stream on Netflix and Amazon. Considered an "unauthorized" project, the film originally released on Vimeo back in November 2018 and does not include any exclusive interviews with Drake himself, or any notable individuals from Drake's team. Instead, it spotlights media figures like Rolling Stone contributing editor Joe Levy, writer and professor Jason King, and writer Kathy Iandoli, who provide insight into the star's rise to fame.

Per IMDb, the flick is written and directed by British director Ray Louis, and according to the featured trailer above, Drake: Rewriting The Rules follows Drake a.k.a. Aubrey Graham's career from the child actor on Degrassi to being a global musical icon. The documentary examines how Drake rewrote the rules of hip-hop and pop, by essentially combining other musical styles into one mainstream sound, and becoming a cultural phenomenon.

If it's available in your region, you can watch the documentary now on Netflix, Amazon and other video distribution platforms.

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