We previously featured Leo Mandella aka Gully Guy Leo in our exclusive street style series, as the 15-year-old student from Warwick, England who flexes harder than an average high school teen and adults in general, has blossomed into a social media influencer by having gained over 400,000 Instagram followers in less than two years, as well as being featured by a number of other fashion publications.

Recently chatting with VFILES, the trill teen shared his thoughts about his love for streetwear, the price he pays proxies, his self-themed coloring book, and other topics.

Here’s a few takeaways that we learned from the conversation:

…on how he got into fashion.

Leo: “About two years ago, when I was just messing around. Like, when I was nine I got into it. I took that first tracksuit pic – the Gonz Supreme Butterfly one is when my Instagram blew up.”

…on why he likes streetwear.

Leo: “All other clothes for me are quite boring, like, the normal High Street ones. Streetwear is like…. colors and patterns. The colors and patterns are so sick in streetwear. The patterns and the colors just make it, like, exciting and constantly new. But yeah, that’s basically why I like streetwear. The colors and all that.”

…on the meaning of Gully.

Leo: “Yeah, I know what Gully really means. It’s like, uhm… gangster.”

…on the true meaning of Gully (It’s like, a canyon. Something that’s in a mountain that doesn’t have water in it.)

Leo: “Yeah, but that’s what I am, right! A canyon. Canyon Guy Leo! But really, I don’t know – I just like the rhythm of it. I like when people ask me what it means. It’s just like, cool. It’s like, three meanings but I went with the meaning that I wanted it to be.”

…on the outfits he wears to school and if his classmates know who he is.

Leo: “No, because I wear a uniform – but yeah, my classmates do know who I am. They know what I do now. I feel like if I were to wear something, the teachers would just treat me the same regardless. But I do wear my own shoes! The Supreme 98’s, like, the all-black ones. I wear my rings as well.”

…on ever using a proxy and if so, his proxy rates.

Leo: “Yeah, a few times – if I want something really badly. I’ll find someone who’s got a good number in line. No like, dark web stuff. It’s normally just my friends who I get to do it, because they’re trustworthy. I’ll pay them for their time. — I’ll give ‘em like, 20 extra pounds for the item.”

…on how the coloring book came to fruition.

Leo: “It came around when I was thinking of starting something new, and I didn’t want to just print on a t-shirt – I wanted to do something more exciting. Since I’m so young, I thought it made sense to do something funny, like a coloring book. We sat down and put out every look I’ve ever put on Instagram – like, 170 of them. We picked out 30 that we liked. I’ve done t-shirts before, but I really preferred the coloring books. They’re more fun.”

…on the things that are on his bucket list.

Leo: “I have three main things: first, I want to swim with Dolphins, but in like, a way that isn’t set up. Like, you jump in and they’re all just around you, smiling at you. And yeah, skydiving.”

…on where he wants to skydive.

Leo: “Into like, a black hole. If you die, you die, but that’s the fun. There’s loads of black holes in the world!”

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Words by Renz Ofiaza
Staff Writer

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