Innersect Shangai 2019

China’s biggest street-culture convention, Innersect Shanghai, kicks off for the third time this December and we’re excited to announce that Highsnobiety will be in town to launch our first ever product showcase in the country. Over the three-day event, we’re going to be looking back on the first year of our story-focused online store and taking the Highsnobiety Shop offline for the first time.

In other words, we’re bringing a number of extremely limited items from our exclusive store along with us. Expect to see pieces from our Stranger Things 3 release, the first edition of our Tiosk series, and our Summer ’19 collaboration with Chinatown Market.

We’ll be releasing a couple of special items exclusive to the event, too. The first is a three-way collab between Highsnobiety, Mizuno and Beams. The Wave Creation WaveKnit is a blacked-out masterpiece, available in extremely limited numbers. More info on that coming soon — for now, take a look at the teaser shot below.

Away from our store, we’re also continuing the story of our second hard-back book release, The New Luxury, by hosting a special live interview on Saturday December 7. Featuring none-other than street culture’s unofficial artist in residence, Daniel Arsham, and hosted by our editorial director Jian DeLeon, the discussion will be a deep dive on the idea of redefining luxury for modern times.

Naturally, we’re not the only pull to Innersect 2019. The event is drawing major global and emerging talent, and is set to recruit the next generation for its innerCREW — a collective of  young skaters, runners, musicians, and more.

Elsewhere, Innersect will host an official skateboarding experience area — LAB RAT — created with skateboarding street artist group, Unity Skateboarding, and there’s a Medium Toy carnival, complete with themed [email protected] offerings.

Innersect 2019 takes place in Shanghai, China, December 6-8. To register to the event, head to the Innersect app.

As always, stay tuned for more details. In the meantime (and to get a better feel for what’s going down) check out the video below.

News Editor