While many are cutting loose and having fun at New York Fashion Week, Jim Carrey is wandering around pondering the meaning of life. In a recent red carpet interview with E! News, the 55-year-old actor insisted “there’s no meaning to any of this,” in reference to NYFW.

As the E! reported prodded, Carrey then went on to add that he wanted to attend the “most meaningless thing that (he) could come to,” saying, “I mean, you’ve got to admit it’s completely meaningless.”

Things only got weirder from there as the veteran actor continued by proclaiming that he doesn’t believe in icons, as he was ironically attending the Harper’s Bazaar Icons party. “I believe we’re a field of energy…and uh, I don’t care,” Carrey stated.

Somewhat bewildered, the E! News reporter attempted to have Carrey make sense of his bizarre statements, but he simply concluded the interview by insisting “we don’t matter.”

To take in the rather absurd interaction, press play above.

On a more light-hearted note, Jim Carrey recently debuted his artwork in a new documentary titled ‘I Needed Color.’

Not NYC, not LA.