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Back in January it was revealed that Kanye West and his label YEEZY are being sued for failing to pay a fabric vendor, as reported by People. Japanese fabric company Toki Sen-I Co. claimed the label failed to pay more than $600,000 in outstanding debts.

According to the report, the lawsuit was filed against Yeezy Apparel, LLC and stated that West attempted to trick Toki Sen-I Co. out of money by “creating a fake company.” The total sum Toki Sen-I Co. claims is owed amounts to $624,051.

The fabric company, which says it started working with West in 2015, said the problems began when West placed a huge order for fleece fabrics in June 2018 and then refused to meet the downpayment.

Toki Sen-I Co. claimed that Yeezy Apparel, LLC is a “sham” company operating without capital assets or member interest run by West to avoid personal liability.

However, the judge presiding over the case in the Superior Court of California has sided with YEEZY, at least for the time-being. YEEZY and West’s lawyers lodged a demurrer — basically a response to a complaint that says even if it is true, there is no basis for a lawsuit — against Toki Sen-I Co.’s four causes of action. Judge Cotton sustained the demurrer, but is allowing Toki Sen-I Co. to rework its complaints with more precise terms. Head over to The Fashion Law for the full, legal explanation of the case so far.

The parties are due back in court in August. More updates to follow.

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