lil pump arrested driving without valid license
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Lil Pump was arrested in Miami on Wednesday for driving without a valid license, TMZ reports. The rapper was initially pulled over because the license plates on his black Rolls-Royce actually belonged to a Mini Cooper. When officers asked to see his driver’s license, he told them he didn’t have one, according to the police report.

Pump was taken into custody and released a few hours later. A source told TMZ that he was only issued a ticket and will not have to appear in court. The Florida rapper was also arrested earlier this year for firing a gun inside his LA home. He was subsequently taken to a juvenile detention center, because he was 17 at the time.

Lil Pump was slated to release his Harverd Dropout mixtape on his 18th birthday, August 17. However he posted a video on social media that same day claiming he lost the record. No word yet on what’s happening with his next project, but his ‘Harverd Dropout’ Tour is set to kick off at the end of September. Peep the tour dates below.

In other music news, Kanye West officially dropped his song “XTCY.”

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