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Based in Silicon Valley, 29-year-old artist Michele Bisaillon looks towards Californian nature, mirrors and her orange tabby cat for artistic inspiration. Through a minimal yet striking lens, she strives to capture the beauty of fleeting moments and everyday normality.

As one-half of art duo @michel_e_b (the other half her cat and muse Peach), Michele captures surreal photographs that juxtapose nature and art through her use of mirrors against pastel-hued backgrounds. Moreover, the rampant use of mirrors in her art project a deeper message that explore shifting perspectives about reality and the mundane.

We reached out to Michele to find out more about what message her surreal images are purveying, her role as an artist on social media and how she responds to the weirdos who aim to objectify her.

want to dive into your ocean

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How old are you?


Where are you from and where are you currently based?

I’m from San Jose, CA. I lived in San Diego while attending UCSD and moved back to Silicon Valley after graduating. I love Northern California, especially the Bay Area.

What’s your occupation?

I’m a photographer and a nanny!


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What first inspired you to become an artist?

My mom always encouraged me to be creative as a child and that really stuck with me.

What are the primary influences behind your photos?

Mostly nature and music. Colorful sunsets and flowers really make me want to take photos; things that are beautiful but only last for a limited time. I want to capture that.

Why mirrors? What significance do they have in your work and what do they mean to you?

I think mirrors are amazing because they offer multiple perspectives. I try to remind myself to constantly take on more than my own single perspective. It’s easy to convince yourself that your perspective is the only one, but it’s a really narrow look at the world. We need to try to see from other angles in order to take on a better understanding of reality.

How is it that we can all be the same animal but no one seems to understand each other

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What message are you sending to your followers?

There are lots of messages I’d like to share with people who follow me, but a main theme for me would be to always search for your own beauty and passion in life.

Do you get any creepy messages on Instagram? How do you respond to them?

It’s pretty rare for me fortunately. 71% of my followers are women which is awesome. I think I’ve only received one or two dick pics in the three plus years I’ve been using IG. Although, I have been getting more messages recently with people telling me I turn them on or that they like my body, etc. I usually just ignore it.

What I did find freaky was someone telling me they wanted to “mash all my teeth in” on an old photo of mine a couple weeks ago. Usually I’ll block people who say threatening or hateful stuff like that. I’m grateful it doesn’t happen very often.

What’s your cat’s name? Is he/she your muse of sorts?

His name is Peach, but I call him like 100+ different things. He’s definitely my muse. He’s the friendliest, most loving little creature. I feel like he needs to be shared with the world.


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What emotion are you trying to provoke with your work?

I hope to elicit quite a few emotions but I would especially like to invoke a sense of joy. I also hope to get people questioning reality.

Name the most important figure in A) fashion B) contemporary art C) music and D) film.

Fashion: Dang I’m not too sure about this one. I’m really impressed by the designers at Acne Studios and Vetements. It’s impossible to choose, though. There are so many great people in fashion.

Contemporary art: I’m gonna say Yayoi Kusama.

Music: The answer always has to be Prince.

Film: After seeing Get Out, I’m definitely gonna have to say Jordan Peele (even though he’s only made one feature film).

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Name three current people in pop culture you want to go away.

That’s a tough one. First and foremost I would have to say Donald Trump.
It’s difficult to decide on the other two…definitely Tomi Lahren and probably Amy Schumer, LOL.

What’s the most/least positive thing about social media?

The most and least positive things kind of go hand in hand in my opinion. They’re opposite sides of the same coin. While it’s super positive to share your work with the world and meet amazing artists along the way, it can be difficult because the Internet is sort of seen as a free-for-all. It’s easy to get lost in the shuffle or have your work taken from you in the process.

What’s next?

I’d like to go bigger. I really want to use more people and larger spaces. In the future I hope to publish a book and do more collaborations.


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Words by Nico Amarca
Fashion Editor, North America