Inspired by the brand’s original Running System models that released in the late 1980s, the return of the PUMA RS line is one encapsulated by rediscovery and reinvention. Classic models like the RS-350 and RS-Computer helped to redefine athletic footwear design in their era, and now a whole new generation of PUMA RS models are taking that same philosophy to the extreme.

Enter the RS-X Trophies. Inspired by the fearless energy of their ancestry, each RS-X Trophy model incorporates original Running System technology into its design in the form of supportive cushioning in every panel of the shoe’s upper, pushed to the extreme to create an aggressive, sport-inspired silhouette that’s made for the modern streets.

In an era where culture is constantly evolving, and where the old is forced to make way for the new, the RS-X Trophies represent a proud embrace of reinvention, rendered in colorways that reflect the spirit of perseverance and success.

It’s a spirit that’s reflected by Brussels-born rapper, producer and all-round creative polymath Krisy, who in just a few short years has established himself as one of the central hubs in Belgium’s burgeoning rap scene — and beyond.

After being introduced to music through visits to a youth home in 2010 where he recorded his first few tracks, Krisy quickly embraced his passion, purchasing enough equipment to build a rough home studio and learning music production through YouTube videos, releasing a steady stream of well-received mixtapes along the way.

“After the 3rd mixtape, I began thinking, ‘Why doesn’t Belgium have its own hip-hop scene?’” he explains. “So I decided to become a full-time audio engineer and producer to try and put Belgium on the map. I stopped rapping and basically tried to work with as many artists in Brussels as possible. This was in 2014. By 2016, the scene was established, so I got back to rapping and dropped a 6-track EP (Parmis Vous), followed by a concept EP and auditory film (Menthe a L’eau) 3 months after that.”

It’s a daunting task to set yourself a work schedule as ruthless and grinding as Krisy did, but ultimately it paid off, building a number of invaluable connections and friendships. “Belgium is a small country,” he says. “We all know each other, especially in Brussels, so it wasn’t necessarily difficult finding people to work with. But what it taught me was the importance of patience; waiting for your time. Ultimately, that patience put me on time for the biggest changes that would come later on.”



Fast-forward to 2019 and Krisy has released seven full-length projects – with many more if you count his production credits under his other moniker, De La Fuentes – and his creative empire is expanding ever further with his young creative agency, LeJeune Club, an outlet for projects as diverse as fashion design, music videos, audio production, and events.

At such a young age, it’s a wonder Krisy is able to keep all these plates spinning at once, but what keeps him motivated is the memory that change and adaptation is a necessary part of growing and evolving, especially when you’ve worked so hard to get where you are.

“It’s all about planning, discipline, entourage, and envy. I’ve made so many sacrifices, mixed with a lot of pressure, but at the end it’s like, you need to go through that to appreciate when you’ve achieved one of your dreams.”

It’s that embrace of constant growth and reinvention that sees so much of Krisy’s philosophy reflected in PUMA's RS-X Trophies. Built upon the foundation of designs that revolutionized athletic footwear over 30 years ago, but fearlessly forward-facing in their philosophy and aesthetic touch, each shoe in the RS-X Trophy collection captures a spirit of embracing the new; rolling with it, and endeavoring to create something even newer, more groundbreaking, and more exciting in the process.

Time passes. Monuments crumble. But the legacies that they represent, carried forward by each following generation, last much longer. It’s this sense of timelessness that the RS-X Trophies represent. A shepherding of enduring PUMA designs into a new, clean, contemporary form — one that never loses sight of the history it carries within it, whilst never forgetting to keep it moving to the next level.

Ultimately, it’s an attitude that Krisy puts best, short and sweet: “Keep your head up. Stay humble. Life is great. Let’s go.”

Visit to find out more and cop the collection and follow @PUMASportstyle on Instagram for all the latest news and releases.

  • Production:Klaudia Podsiadlo
  • Production Assistant:Indigo Janka
  • Editor:Aaron Howes
  • Image Curator:Callum Leyden
  • Project Management:Tom Garland
  • Music:"Legacy" by Krisy (Prod. Gracy Hopkins)
  • Director:Filmawi Efrem
  • Photography:Filmawi Efrem
  • Talent:Krisy
  • Producer:Islay Leefe-Griffiths
  • Executive Producer:Kadri Mahmoud
  • Director of Photography:Joel Honeywell
  • 1st Assistant Director:Ty Hack
  • Production Designer:Zuzanna Sturkys
  • Stylist:Sophie Casha
  • VFX:Untold Studios
  • Colorist:Ruth Wardell / Electric Theatre Collective
  • Hair & Make-Up:Lisa Chau
  • Focus Puller:Hopi Demattio
  • Steadicam:Matt Alsop
  • Gaffer:Vini Curtis
  • Electrician:Idris Rhys & Natasha Duursma
  • Assistant Art Director:Daisy Fraser
  • Runners:Carmen Du Preez, Mark Twiggs, & Stefano Contini
  • Catering:Rhythm Kitchen
  • Transport:Sam Coll / Grump Transport
  • Camera Equipment:Take 2
  • Lighting Equipment:Panavision

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