If you need Rich Chigga explained to you at this point then you quite simply haven't been paying attention. As one of the viral sensations of the year, Chigga has amassed a stupendous 23 million views since uploading his break-out track "Dat $tick" onto YouTube back in February, all the while receiving co-signs from rap royalty young and old alike. If you've noticed that fanny packs and pink polos are suddenly cool again, then Chigga is a big part of the reason why.

Last month, "Dat $tick"'s legend was further enhanced when Wu-Tang legend Ghostface Killah and Miami up-and-comer Pouya fulfilled an earlier promise and hopped on the track for a wild remix. Now, in a new interview with Noisey, Chigga discusses the track, fame, and his new found friends in lofty places. Listed below are some of our highlights.

On his hip-hop background:

I first got introduced to hip-hop in 2012 by my first American friend, who I had met that year. He showed me Macklemore's "Thrift Shop" and I was so into that. It was the first song that I tried rapping to and my English was so bad back then. And then through that I started listening to 2 Chainz and Childish Gambino. But back then I had no friends at all in Indonesia and really thought I was the only one listening to hip-hop. So I thought artists like 2 Chainz were considered underground.

On discovering twitter:

It was actually 2010, before I even tweeted in English. You can find tweets from a longass time ago where I'm tweeting in Indonesian. I started doing the comedy stuff in 2014. I started taking it more seriously and using social media as my platform because I wanted to get enough followers to start promoting my music and videos. I'm really into cinematography and shot films so I really wanted to promote my shit on there.

On his relationship with Ghostface Killah:

I have no idea actually [why Ghostface likes him]. I don't know if I'm too humble? Maybe I'm dope as shit to be honest. Ghostface is such a legend and the fact that he wants to get on my shit is kind of unbelievable. I still can't believe it.

Read the honest and up-front take from Rich Chigga over at Noisey here, and then be sure to check out our guide to Asian trap music.

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