We caught up with LA's Ty Dolla Sign during the Berlin stop of his current tour to pose a series of quickfire interview questions.

On top of his 2015 full-length album Free TC, Ty has been the secret ingredient behind several radio smash hits over the last year, not limited to "Or Nah" with Wiz Khalifa and the Future-assisted "Blasé," while the 30-year-old also boasts writing credits on tracks like "FourFiveSeconds" by Kanye West, Rihanna and Paul McCartney.

Drink of choice at the club?

Bombay on ice. Or just the whole bottle - just down it.

Go-to pair of kicks?

Vans Old Skools or the Sk8-His.

How do you take your eggs?

Scrambled or American-style; no runny eggs.

One dead celebrity to hang out with?

To hang out with? Jim Morrison. To do a song with? Bob Marley.

Favorite sport to tune into?

Lately I've been watching football pretty heavy, because of my security. His name is BJ and he was a football player, so he's been putting me on to it. Otherwise, basketball.

Last big purchase?

This big-ass bus for this tour!

Favorite fast-food joint?

Raising Cane's. It's on the East Coast, but it's basically like fried chicken strips. They're killing Chick-fil-a, killing Popeyes. They have their own special sauce.

Biggest pet peeve?

I blame myself for doing the same shit sometimes, but my biggest pet peeve is when someone is like "I'm around the corner," but they're like 40 minutes away. Just tell the truth.

Favorite comic book hero?


Favorite emoji?

That new one with the tongue out and the dollar signs on it.

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  • Photographer:Chris Danforth / Highsnobiety.com

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