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It’s an exciting time to be Sidney Royel Selby III, better known as Desiigner.

Famed publication Interview caught up with the Brooklyn-bred G.O.O.D. Music signee for a styled photoshoot and naturally, a brief Q&A. Since Highsnobiety caught up with Desiigner earlier this year in May, we’ve been learning more and more about the enigmatic emcee as he’s been making the press rounds.

Here are the five most interesting takeaways from his conversation with Interview.

…how Desiigner came up with his name.

“I got my name, Desiigner, from my brother-in-law. I took what he said and decided to use it. He was like, “Yo, bro, you got to design your name.” He said I should put my real middle name on it, so it’d be “Designer Royel,” and I was running with that for a second. I thought it looked a little long and so did my sister, so she said I should take off the “Royel” and just add an extra “I” and the rest is history.”

…he bought the “Panda” beat from a YouTube producer for $200.

“My homies and I were in the crib and we were smoking a whole bunch of weed, you know, playing GTA [Grand Theft Auto], when my boys started playing a track on the computer that caught everybody’s ear. I was always the one that cooked up the hooks in the hood, so, my boy asked me if I could cook up some flavor for the beat and I said, “You know, give me two days.” The beat was right there on YouTube—a real Lloyd Banks type beat, and two days later, I gave it to y’all.”

…his favorite movie is The Fast and the Furious.

“[The] Fast and the Furious. But I also play (video) games. Grand Theft Auto is a perfect example. My music fits perfectly into that mold. I see movies and (video) games in my head and I deliver it on the track. It becomes the soundtrack to my life.”

…he compares his style to his grandfather, a jazz musician.

“Actually, if you listen to the vocals on my grandfather’s records you will hear we sound similar. We both sound kind of dry. We have a dry voice and we both love harmony—he was a man of harmony, I’m a man of harmony. I think it just runs in our blood.”

…in high school, he was “that singing dude.”

“At school I’d be the dude singing to the girls, always up in the auditorium, in the lunch room singing Christmas carols, in the halls between class. I was always singing, and same thing with my grandfather. The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, you know how that goes. It just runs in my family. Music always lived with me, like a family tradition.”

Read the full interview here and peep our Un-Dressed video with him below.

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