The subject of British graffiti artist Banksy’s identity has been debated and speculated for what feels like an age, with hypotheses ranging from the strangely plausible to completely outrageous.

But prior to becoming a thing of legend, in 1995 Banksy was still operating throughout Bristol’s underground graffiti and drum and bass scene; a world removed from the current day where he can sell individual works for up to $1.15 million, all the while counting the likes of Justin Bieber and Drake among his devotees.

In the video, Banksy can be seen entering nightcrawler mode as he gears up for a late night/early morning graffiti session. Even at that point in his career, the artist’s subversive attitude towards the status quo was evident, explaining in a typically forthright (and retrospectively ironic) manner how he has little regard for both gallery shows and the law. “There’s that beautiful time when you get home after you’ve finished [graffiting] and you’ve fucked them [the police] — you’ve fucked them up the arse really hard,” says Banksy, while toking on a massive spliff.

: Bushwick

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23rd Street

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Watch the video and check out some of our recent favorite Banksy pieces above.

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