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To celebrate Air Max Day 2016, Nike invited 12 thinkers, designers, creatives and sneakerheads from around the globe, giving them the chance to create their very own future expression of Air in partnership with the Nike design team.

According to Nike, this group is representative of the global community that celebrates Air Max Day, and as the occasion has always been focused around connecting Air Max fans with one another, Nike’s aim is to engage these creatives in in the process of product creation. Affectionately known as “mini-Swoosh” in her circle of friends, Foot Patrol employee Alexandra Hackett was one of the lucky 12 to visit Beaverton, and given the opportunity to create her dream Air Max.

Below, Alexandra explains her unique design, which she has dubbed the “Air Mini Swoosh.” All 12 Air Max concepts as part of the Vote Forward campaign will be introduced to the world on Saturday, March 18, but only one design will be put into production for Air Max Day 2017. The power is in your hands, as the winner will be decided during a one week voting period, ending March 25.

Read our conversation with Alexandra below, and stay posted for more coverage of the Vote Forward campaign.

BTS developing my Air Max design ?? 17/03/17 BE READY #voteminiswoosh

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First, explain the influences behind your design. Did you look at any existing Air Max models for inspiration?

My Air Max design is an amalgamation of nine of the original Air Max models that showcase visible air. It combines design lines and elements from the Air Max 1, 90, 180, 93, 95, 97, Plus, 360 and 2015, creating a new model that pays homage to the past. For the fabrication and colour palette, I looked into a combination of 3M and tyvek (machine washable paper) to reflect a Nike receipt. The tongue is inverted also, featuring a visible size label. If selected, it will come with Black, White and Baby Pink laces and a set of miniature Air Max Bubble earrings/keyrings.

As far as other participants in the Vote Forward campaign, whose designs are you interested to see?

I’ve actually already seen most of the initial designs but I think I’m most excited to see the final render of Venus X’s design.

What challenges did you encounter during the design process?

Probably narrowing down all of my ideas into one concept! Designing my own shoe for Nike is a dream come true, and it’s really my one chance, so the pressure was on to create a design that encapsulated everything I wanted to express.

What was the best part of being at Nike’s Beaverton campus?

Being at the campus was incredible. As a Nike fanatic (an understatement), it’s literally a dream to visit the campus and see where everything gets developed. Hands down the best part of the tour was the tour of their DNA Warehouse where Nike keep every single product they’ve developed. I cannot even begin to explain the rare products I saw in there.

What did you learn when working with Nike designers on the Vote Forward project?

I learned so much about the production, development and general design process that Nike goes through with each product in preparation for its launch in the public.

Why should Highsnobiety readers vote for your design?

My design includes nine of the most iconic Air Max designs in one – it’s a true homage to the history of Air.

  • All Images: Nike

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