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Ahead of the release of the forthcoming Tupac Shakur biopic All Eyez on Me, the team at music merch branding group Bravado tapped A$AP Bari’s music-meets-lifestyle brand VLONE unveiled a 19 piece, limited-edition collection inspired by the legendary artist. The capsule features seven tees, seven long-sleeve shirts, a few hoodies, a bathrobe, and several fitted hats.

Falling in line with VLONE’s past aesthetic preferences Bari again favored a two-tone color scheme—primarily red and black with some of VLONE’s signature orange and black – and kept to minimalist graphic designs emblazoned with the deceased rapper’s name, and the symbols pulled from his old sketches.

Bravado also collaborated with Sweet Chick restaurant to create a true-to-life version of the “Powamekka Cafe,” a restaurant cum safe space Tupac dreamed of opening during his life. Pulling from three handwritten sketches in Pac’s journal, Sweet Chick’s owner, John Seymour, outfitted the restaurant with new signage and wall art featuring poetry, intimate archival photos and little-seen drawings sourced from Pac’s family estate. Bari and Seymour also made sure to switch the bathroom signs from “men’s” and “women’s” to “playaz”  and “divaz” just as Pac’s original blueprint imagined.

The menu also falls in line with Tupac’s vision—his original notes featured several of the Southern staples already served at Sweet Chick, though the newly-added wings are inspired by a recipe from Pac’s cousin, Jamala, with whom Seymour worked closely to perfect the menu.

Bravado is no stranger to creating engaging temporary spaces—they’re also the people behind Kanye West’s staggering 21-city global pop-up phenomenon. Adding the element of comfort food, which has the tendency to make even the most crotchety people happy, is a unique departure from the typical merch pop-ups we’ve been seeing, and, it’s also just delicious.

The exclusive collection will be available Friday, April 7 through Sunday, April 9 in line with Tupac’s Powamekka Cafe in celebration of his inauguration into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

VLONE Tupac “Powamekka” Cafe
178 Ludlow St.
New York 10002

Also check out Bari’s fellow A$AP brother Rocky link with Skepta for a very special surprise appearance in London.

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Words by Stephanie Smith-Strickland
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