For its latest featured interview, Montreality sits down with Atlanta-based rapper T.I., who was a popular figure in hip-hop culture during the early 2000s.

Speaking on a variety of subjects that ranges from the jobs he had as a teen, favorite cartoon characters, the true definition of a “G” and more, T.I. says that he’s the originator of Trap Music, “Since (Trap Music) was introduced to the world there were people who enforced it, spread the genre out, and gave it wings & life beyond its origin, but if you go back to who truly started it, I must humbly say myself.”

Additionally he talked about working with Eminem and Andre 3000, “Eminem is one of the most talented, capable, intellectual, technicians of wordplay I have ever experienced. Both times we worked I had the opportunity of watching him actually put this sh*t together, and it was truly of another world. Eminem and Andre 3000 are the most meticulous artists I’ve ever worked with, and they’re very critical of themselves.”

Also sharing what Tupac Shakur represents to the culture, “If Tupac was around, by all means we would know because he would come to his mom’s funeral, so that kinda dispels any rumor for me. Pac ain’t missing his mama funeral even if he did do some wild sh*t like fake his death” — T.I. ends the interview with his message to the youth.

After the clip above, watch the ‘Carpool Karaoke’ series trailer featuring Miley Cyrus, Big Sean and more.

Words by Renz Ofiaza
Staff Writer

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