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Sun Buddies stand out from the pack with their charming, Italian made sunglasses. The brand pulls from pop culture history — referencing everyone from Kurt Cobain to Miuccia Prada — to create modern silhouettes at an affordable price.

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Sun Buddies pulls from pop culture moments in film, music, and design, reframing them in eye-popping modern glasses that are fit for a celebrity. Glasses like the "Courtney" frame are a riff on the 90s style "clout goggles" — made famous by Kurt Cobain and later Playboi Carti— or Sun Buddies' "Miuccias" are a direct reference to Ms. Prada's own legendary glasses game. Each Sun Buddies drop is laced with standout silhouettes inspired by famous faces at an affordable price.

Founded back in 2006, the eyewear brand has grown into a driving force in menswear thanks to its distinctive premium glasses. Their original frame design took inspiration from the sunglasses worn by actress Bibi Andersson in the 1966 film Persona, directed by Ingmar Bergman. Spanning multiple decades, Sun Buddies continues to pull from culture, recontextualizing and remixing some of the most famous frames in history with Scandinavian design and functionality.

The in-house eyewear brand of Swedish retailer and label Très Bien, Sun Buddies, has generated an increasing amount of buzz for its chunky, bright, and slightly nostalgic frames. Each of the brand's stylish glasses is individually handmade from acetate in Sweden and comes framed with Carl Zeiss's renowned lenses, supplying wearers with 100% UV protection.

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