OutKast's Big Boi recently released a PSA in collaboration with Public Good Projects for their Therapy Pets campaign. The animated video features an assortment of characters including the rapper's pet owls, Hootie and Houdini, to demonstrate "the importance of choosing good words to talk about mental health."

“Being a dad and a man of words I wanted to help bring attention to the importance of choosing good words to talk about mental health,” Big Boi wrote in a post on Instagram. “So I teamed up with some of my friends to put together an animation featuring my owls.”

In addition to raising awareness about the benefits of emotional support animals, the purpose of the campaign is to change the dialogue around mental health and break the stigma that surrounds these challenging conditions. With this activation, Therapy Pets aims to "spread simple, uplifting, and often funny messages about mental health." Watch the short cartoon in the video above.

In other news, Buddy recently performed on NPR's Tiny Desk Concert. Peep it right here.

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