In an interview with Vulture, Eminem sat down to discuss his recently released album, Revival. Never one to hide his anti-Trump stance, the Detroit rapper touched on several topics, including Kendrick Lamar, and his own dating life.

Revival has received mixed reviews so far, and you can find out more about it here. Listen below, and then check out some of our favorite excerpts from the interview.

Eminem on Donald Trump

“It’s not so much about him hearing something I have to say, because there’s nothing I’m saying about him on Revival that he doesn’t already know about himself. It’s more that I want him to answer me because I got ideas for all kinds of shit to say back to him if he does. I’m not going to give any away now, but I’ve got lines ready if he says something about me.”

Eminem on reconciling his differences with ex-wife, Kim

“Sometimes I’m trying to appease people who think, ‘Man, I miss when Eminem was raw.’ But I’m not killing Kim — we’re good now, and she’s the mother of my daughter. The truth is that going from one subject to a completely different one is a balancing act and I’m trying to give something to everyone.”

Eminem on dating apps such as Tinder and Grindr

“It’s tough. Since my divorce, I’ve had a few dates and nothing’s panned out in a way that I wanted to make it public. Dating’s just not where I’m at lately.” Adding, “Yeah, Tinder. And Grindr, I also used to go to strip clubs.”

Eminem on his 2004 album, Encore

“Encore was mediocre. I’m cool with probably half that album. I recorded that towards the height of my addiction. I remember four songs leaked and I had to go to L.A. and get Dre and record new ones. I was in a room by myself writing songs in 25, 30 minutes because we had to get it done, and what came out was so goofy.

Eminem why he’s given up on calling out pop artists

“The reason that I went at pop stars back then is because people were calling me a pop rapper. What’s bugged out to me is that — I don’t know if everybody understands this — if everybody could do what I did, they’d just do it wouldn’t they? I’m not this manufactured pop thing and I never was. A way people used to dismiss me was to call me pop. I got mad about that, and I lashed out.”

Eminem on why Kendrick Lamar is one of the best rappers when it comes to technical skill

“Joyner Lucas, Kendrick, J. Cole, Big Sean — they’re super complex but also digestible. One of the things that’s so interesting to me about Kendrick is the way he approaches a beat and the pockets he chooses. Tech N9ne is great at that too. They’ll both hit these weird fucking pockets.”

To read the full interview, head over to Vulture’s site.

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