Yesterday, the long-awaited first trailer for the last season of Game of Thrones finally arrived. The short clip packed in a ton of hints about what to expect during season eight, from Arya's new weapon and the possibility of Jaime fighting alongside the Starks to the unveiling of the Golden Company.

We've rounded up the five key things you might have missed amid the two-minute information overload. And in case you missed it, you can watch the new trailer below before scrolling on to see the key tidbits and hints about season eight's plot.

Arya has a new weapon

At the start of the trailer, Arya Stark is seen running through the crypt of Winterfell, suggesting that either enemy forces have breached the castle walls or the that the threat is coming from within (one theory online suggests dead Starks might have been brought back to unlife by the Night King). But that's not all: we also see a quick glimpse of a new weapon. The blade is shown in greater detail later, but it appears to be made of White Walker-killing dragonglass.

Sansa sees a dragon for the first time

In a brief shot, we see Sansa Stark looking in wonder as Daenerys Targaryen's dragons fly over the battlements of Winterfell.

We get our very first look at the Golden Company

Last season, Cersei Lannister sent Euron Greyjoy to enlist the Golden Company, an Essos-based group of mercenaries, to fight on behalf of the Lannisters. In the new trailer, we see their commander Harry Strickland standing on a boat in front of his sellsword troops, all of whom are presumably on their way to Westeros.

Jaime Lannister could be in Winterfell

"I promised to fight for the living. I intend to keep that promise," Jaime says to someone offscreen. He could be talking to his sister/lover Cersei in King's Landing, but against a background that looks suspiciously dark, and having left King's Landing to ride north at the end of the last season, Jaime could just as easily be explaining to new allies why he's switched sides.

The White Walkers are south of the Wall

The trailer ends with an ominous shot of the White King's horse on the path to Winterfell, meaning winter is well and truly here.

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