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Online times create online solutions, and no one is better to present a new way of living than Joji. The 88rising artist, who built a loyal following as an Internet personality in his early 20s before transitioning into a highly-acclaimed music career, is a prototypical star of our time.

In October, Joji channeled both the eclectic and off-the-rails dimensions of his persona in Joji Presents: The Extravaganza, a digital concert that resulted in stadium-sized crowds, all sitting at home, watching on their laptop.

This last year has been a strange one for everyone, not least the music industry. With the pandemic raging, audiences were forced to avoid concerts (and other humans in general), resulting in the global music industry taking a huge financial hit. However, it wasn't a year without live music. Digital concerts featuring all types of cinematographic experimentation have emerged as a natural response from music companies and creators, with examples abound, from BTS to Brockhampton.

So when Joji announced his own version of the digital concert in late September, it felt like a natural choice for the alternative R&B artist whose star has been rising steadily since his debut in 2017. Yet the choices The Extravaganza made — displaying a signature sense of humor (being dunked into a water tank, dressing up as a horse) while performing a gauntlet of moody anthems in numerous elaborate sets — proved to be nothing less than the singer’s own brand of extravagant.

For our in-person event in Sydney, A Semi Permanent Hotel, presented by Highsnobiety, we're hosting the first IRL screening of The Extravaganza. If you can't make the event, browse some exclusive behind-the-scenes images from the making of the concert below.

While vaccines are increasingly being distributed and governments are finding ways to begin reopening cities and establishments, concerts like The Extravaganza are sure to leave a lasting impact on the industry — and on fans cherishing any chance they get to witness moments of artistry and personality from the creators they support.

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