If you're looking for a way to Stan even harder after Kendrick Lamar's amazing Coachella headliner, look no further as the Compton prodigy just dropped new merch.

The simple cotton T-shirts come in black and white and feature the album title DAMN. in either green or red. Before any album details were announced, Kendrick cryptically teased the title by wearing a T-shirt bearing the album name DAMN. in the "HUMBLE." video.

While we only get a glimpse in the video at 0:40 and 2:39, the white T-shirt in the gallery above looks very similar to what Kendrick is sporting. Others seem to think so, as the white version is sold out in multiple sizes while the black seems to still have full availability. Could Kendrick's 'DAMN.' become the new box logo? Only time will tell (but probably not).

Now, here’s what critics think about Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN.

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