Walmart is selling a replica of Lil Baby's signature 4PF pendant with a starting price of $24.99, and the rapper is not impressed.

When the knock-off piece was first listed, it was reportedly titled "Hip Hop Celebrity Style Fashion Silver Plated LIL BABY 4PF Pendant with Silver-Tone Plated 16" Cuban Chain" and even named the rapper and his 4PF (4 Pockets Full) crew in the product description.

Lil Baby took to Twitter last night to let fans know that he was not consulted about the knockoff drip. "Walmart got me fucced up," he wrote.

Scroll down for some of the best reactions to the incident.

Some reports claim that Walmart has since removed the pendant, but that doesn't appear to be the case — rather, it has changed the name to "Wg Jewelry" and removed mention of Lil Baby. Check out the revised listing here.

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