Mercedes’ new luxury EV is a far cry from the minimalist electric vehicles on the market right now. In fact, the EQS has set a new benchmark for a full-size luxury sedan, which we found out when we got an exclusive look inside last weekend.

The car incorporates the automaker’s MBUX infotainment system, a new electric platform, and advancements in performance. It's essentially an electric vehicle for an S-Class driver, and there's quite a lot to get hyped about — the dashboard screen, in particular, is really impressive thanks to its slick UI. Below you'll find some of our other favorite features.

So, the flagship sedan boasts an operating range of up to 770 kilometers (WLTP) and an output of up to 385 kW, which meets the high expectations for a progressive sedan in the S-Class segment. All EQS models also have an electric powertrain (eATS) at the rear axle, while the version with 4MATIC also has an eATS at the front axle. There's also a fake ambient motor noise for those adjusting to the shift to electric (very helpful for nervous drivers).

It's dubbed “Tesla fighter” because it packs a lot of punch: the fast-charging whip features an impressive 107.8-kilowatt-hour battery pack offering 480 miles of range on the European WLTP test cycle. The innovative battery management software, developed in-house, allows updates over the air (OTA). The energy management of the EQS is therefore kept up to date throughout the lifecycle.

What's more, it can be charged with up to 200 kW at fast-charging stations with direct current; back at home or at public charging stations, the EQS can be charged with up to 9.6 kW with AC using the onboard charger. There are also various intelligent charging programs that can be activated automatically depending on the location, and functions such as particularly battery-saving charging.

Take a peek inside via the gallery below.

The navigation system is another major draw; it's able to plan the fastest and most convenient route, including charging stops, based on numerous factors and reacts dynamically to traffic jams or even a change in driving style.

The stand-alone, all-electric member of the new S-Class family will launch in the U.S. market this fall. Further models based on the new electric architecture will follow soon with the EQE sedan and the SUV variants of the EQS and EQE.

Note: We tested out a prototype with a vinyl that concealed some details of the car. 

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