It seems fair to say that Neek Lurk is a successful guy. He’s been working at Stussy for nearly a decade and currently serves as the brand’s marketing director, and all this on top of founding his own massively successful label, Anti Social Social Club. But it all started with a depressive 18-year-old tired of folding T-shirts in the strip malls of Las Vegas. This and other details are divulged in Lurk’s comprehensive interview with No Vacancy Inn just posted on Soundcloud.

Lurk’s chat with the No Vacancy guys is incredibly open-hearted and personal, most likely because it was supposedly conducted over “two cases of beer and two bottles of Rosé.” Beginning with his life story of growing up in “boring and uncultured” Las Vegas, he details everything from his first days working at Stussy to how his manic and depressive states are a blessing to his creative process. And all of it told with his typical sardonic humor, particularly when discussing his responsibility for the dad-cap.

Stream the full interview below:

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