To quit your job as creative director at Supreme to start your own label is a pretty daunting thought - but for Brendon Babenzien, it was a worthwhile risk for the sake of his now successful label Noah. That being said, Babenzien's experience in the industry is nothing to scoff at, with an extensive resume to back it up. Montreal-based boutique SSENSE recently got together with Babenzien to pick his brain about a few topics ranging from designing for Noah, to growing up as a skateboarder.

Titled "Lost at Sea with Noah," the interview goes deep - if you're aspiring to learn more about fashion or streetwear culture, definitely be sure to take a look below for some key quotes from the interview, and head over to SSENSE's site for the full article.

Babebzien on his design process:

"The process is really simple. It’s more about the fabrics I love. But with T-shirts, the graphics represent something culturally. I set the goals very high for us, because we have to be funny, clever, and intelligent. They also have to relate to us, because I’m not setting out to necessarily be aggressive."

On when he realized he wanted to work on brands representing skate/surf culture:

"Before I knew I wanted to make clothes, I knew I liked clothes. It sounds so corny. But I was 13! At 13, clothes mean a lot to you because it’s an indicator of who you are. At that point you’re still not able to speak intelligently about what you believe. You’re just this half-human, and pure emotion. At the time, my choices were based on trying to express individuality more than anything else. I wasn’t going out of my way to look like everybody I hung out with. I didn’t really give a shit if I wasn’t supposed to wear a pink floral shirt when I was 13 years old. I was going to wear it anyway."

Again, to read the rest of the in-depth interview be sure to venture over to SSENSE's website.

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