For our latest installment of Highsnobiety TV, we delve into the ultra-lux world of accessory customization with Serviced By E.

A graffiti artist growing up, E claims he developed scrupulous attention to detail during his years out on the streets tagging. Based out of Los Angeles, the business has blown up in recent times — the likes of Floyd Mayweather, YG and Ben Baller are just some of its celebrity patrons. As you can see below, designs vary from TV shows like The Simpsons and Hey Arnold to streetwear icons such as the BAPE Shark and Kaws' Companion character. One painting of Kanye West's "Dropout Bear" even glows in the dark.

In the clip, the mysterious E gives us a look at his studio and an insight into how the process works. It would seem not all are pleased with his work, as evidenced by the fact he's currently banned from all Goyard stores. "I've spoken to a lot of people higher up, [the brands] are definitely watching me," claims the designer.

Watch the clip above.

If you're a fan of custom jobs, then don't sleep on the "Flowerbomb" AF1.

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