Snap Inc. gives us a look at its latest eyewear design, the Spectacles 3. The all-new sunglasses feature dual cameras designed to shoot in 3D.

With Spectacles 3, photos and videos wirelessly sync to your phone, as you can then apply a variety of 3D effects on Snapchat. Two HD cameras appear on the sunglasses to capture both depth and dimension the way your eyes see them. Additionally, you can use AR to interact with real-world objects. Spectacles 3 also allow you to capture up to 60 seconds of video with sound thanks to a four-microphone design. You can then charge the glasses on the go with the accompanying case.

Snap Inc.'s Spectacles 3 are optioned in a black "Carbon" edition as well as a gold "Mineral" version. You can pre-order them now for $380 each.

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