Supreme is teasing a very special collaboration ahead of its forthcoming drop, once again upping the ante on how ridiculously valuable the brand's logo is.

Yesterday, the streetwear imprint dropped a sultry ad for its Vitra Panton Chair collaboration releasing this week. Directed by Hype Williams, the spot shows a woman captivatingly dance on and around the Supreme x Vitra Panton Chair to Acid King's "Drive Fast, Take Chances." Appropriately, the short is dramatically cast in the filmmaker's signature red lighting.

The iconic piece of furniture designed by famed Danish designer Verner Panton dates back to 1959 when it made waves in the design world with its rigid polyurethane one-piece construction. Supreme's iteration keeps the famous silhouette intact but gives it a bold red glossy lacquer finish – Panton chairs are usually matte.  Of course, because this is Supreme, the chair sees the brand's logo sprawled vertically across the front.

Somewhere within these very subtle design tweaks the price of a Panton Chair – which is usually around $410 – elevates to a suave $2,600. We're not sure whether Supreme is trolling us once again or whether the brand really believes its logo and a little lacquer are worth a $2,190 price hike.

Overpriced or not, it's Supreme, so it's gonna sell out and retail for more. If you wanna be ahead of that curve, ready your wallets because, the Supreme x Vitra Panton Chair drops tomorrow.

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