Burgeoning Brooklyn rapper Young M.A recently got together with Montreality for an intimate sit-down. Talk in turn surrounded a wide range of topics, including love and fetishes to her appreciation for 50 Cent, balance in hip-hop, her message to the youth, and more.

"I don't say it a lot, I like to show you I love you, it's the simplest things I do. I feel like love isn't about words all the time," Young M.A insists. "I do romantic stuff like rose petals and stuff like that, I never did anything crazy, I'm always cool."

In transitioning to the current state of hip-hop, from the younger mumble rap generation to Kendrick and beyond, the 25-year-old emcee stated, "I'm not saying I'm not a fan of Lil Yachty or Lil Uzi, that's their thing, and I think Kendrick that's his thing. I could never knock nobody, but the Lil Yachtys and the Lil Uzis are definitely outweighing the game right now, there's not a balance. Hip Hop is not where it used to be, it kinda doesn't put me in that zone I used to be in."

For more from Young M.A, including the realest shit she ever wrote and her favorite cartoon character, press play above.

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