SSS World Corp

HQMilan, Italy
FounderJustin O'Shea

SSS World Corp is the brainchild of former womenswear buyer and street style icon Justin O’Shea, who had previously spent a bit of time at Brioni, trying to bring his heavy metal attitude to the luxury tailoring brand. Backed by Berlin-based culture magazine and line 032c, O’Shea’s SSS World Corp is inspired by pimps, gangsters, metal—everything he tried to impart upon Brioni, but was unable to do. Seeking to bring some formality to streetwear through his price-friendly and expertly-cut “Rampage suits,” O’Shea’s clothing for for those who don’t particularly care about following traditional sartorial rules, but want well-fitting and ostentatious clothes to go about their business in. All of his clothing is priced ranging from $200 to $1,000, making it affordable for streetwear enthusiasts used to paying such prices for high-quality products—however unusually low the prices may be for a designer name. On this front, O’Shea’s hit the mark with SSS World Corp. What does “SSS World Corp” mean? The “World Corp” part is self-explanatory, with the brand offering itself to an international market. The “SSS” doesn’t actually stand for anything though. It’s a reference to the Chevrolet Super Sport muscle car or the “SS” with the extra “S” in SSS World Corp added for extra emphasis. SSS World Corp Timeline 2017 — O’Shea launches SSS World Cup after spending just one season with Brioni. Debuts its “Aloha From Hell” spring/summer 2018 collection, blending ostentatious leopard, tiger, and Hawaiian prints with trim wool suits and fitted shirts. SSS World Corp Related Articles SSS World Corp Is Truly Justin O’Shea’s Big Menswear Comeback Justin O’Shea Announces SSS World Corp, His New Luxury Streetwear Brand