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Take a look inside Man of the World’s new concept retail space, a literal manifestation of its print publication.

A few weeks ago, we took an exclusive look inside Gentry’s new space in Brooklyn which has quickly become one of our go-to menswear shops in the borough. During our visit, we unfortunately were not allowed to photograph the shop’s curiously merchandized second floor — we later learned that the space was still being set up for an impending project by Man of the World. Today, we finally have the pleasure of showing off this latest venture.

Man of the World’s concept space is a literal manifestation of its burgeoning print publication. The wide mix of of furniture, antiques, clothing and accessories are arranged as if they are in the home of an adventurous (and likely handsome) world traveler. And, they’re all for sale. The apartment-style layout features everything from essentials like Aesop shampoo to an antique Victorian-style couch, all selected by owner Alan Maleh himself. The thought behind it resembles The Apartment by the Line, only this is for men.

Man of the World is building its own small universe to cater to a very specific man: one who demands the best from of everything in life and typically has the financials to make that happen. Sure, you can leave the shop with a pair of sunglasses, but the really cool stuff is going to cost more than a pretty penny — like the chairs we lounged on during our conversation: $15,000 for the set of two.

Many know Alan Maleh for his extensive collection of antiques, midcentury furniture and timepieces. When we meet, there is a Rolex GMT “Faded Pepsi Bezel” peeking out from under the cuff of his dress shirt. Maleh admits that Man of the World is not the cheapest place to buy an antique watch — but each piece comes with a lifetime exchange policy, where the buyer can swap it for another from Man of the World’s ever-growing catalog at any given point.

Untraditional services like this are what separates Man of the World from the deeply saturated market of fashion and lifestyle goods. The “goal is to change the dynamic of retail by creating a member’s­ club-like atmosphere,” Maleh explains. Friends and family are meant to gather in this space on weekends to watch sports, play backgammon and exchange ideas — something that is honestly missing in retail.

Left: Vintage Alan Gould Sting Chair
Right: George Nelson for Herman Miller “Action” Desk

Alongside Maleh’s quarterly magazine and two growing retail concepts, there are other equally impressive initiatives on the horizon. Most notable would be Man of the World’s upcoming private clothing line, which will be called “22pcs by Man of the World.” There’ll also be a private member’s-only travel service, currently only available for friends in the know. Check back with us for more on these soon.

Gentry/Man of the World
108 N 7th St
Brooklyn, NY 11249

Words by Thomas Welch
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