Chris Rock once famously cautioned against unnecessary violence in his seminal 1999 track, “No Sex In The Champagne Room,” noting that it may well land you in jail. The trigger? Someone standing and smudging your PUMAs – a good a reason as any, particularly in the Highsnobiety universe.

However, had Rock, and the people over in county his words of wisdom were aimed at, been exposed to a product like Crep Protect earlier, perhaps he wouldn’t have had to offer such sage advice.

For as we found out with our pair of white PUMA Baskets, a super slow-motion camera, and a great deal of red paint we shot into the air, douse your kicks in Crep Protect and you’ve got failsafe protection for when you step into the club. Or the champagne room. Whatever your vibe.

Check out how it fared in our exclusive video, above, before checking out the London label’s sprays, wipes, luxe lint-free cloths and other sneaker-cleaning solutions via their online store.

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