This week in Friday Feuds, a thot-ful lawsuit is dismissed, again, and an engagement goes up in flames. Plus, the Canadian whose feels have crowned him king of “soft as baby wipes” jokes may actually have a dark side. And, the emcee of popping lipgloss shades the Barb queen while a short-statured style maven is accused of the unthinkable, again.

2 Chainz vs. Thot Lawsuit Woman

If the phrase, “is this yo thot?,” means nothing to you, congratulations, you have a life outside of the internet. Unfortunately for Atlanta rapper, 2 Chainz, his random thot inquiry has been haunting him worse than a stalker ex. It all started when 2 Chainz associate Cap1 invited a young lady by the name of Christine Chisholm backstage after a concert.

Once backstage Chisholm apparently could not locate Cap1, leading 2 Chainz, who was mystified about why Chisholm was there, on a mocking chase to find the issuer of the invitation. The rapper also happened to record the exchange, something Chisholm said led to embarrassment and distress…

Chisholm later attempted to sue 2 Chainz for five million dollars, claiming she’d even lost her job as a result of the video. When a judge refused to honor the first lawsuit, Chisholm filed a second one. In it, she claimed she was threatened and extorted by 2 Chainz, and that the “Watch Out” video was meant to target her. This Tuesday, Chisholm, who was representing herself, got her day in court – it did not go the way she planned. A judge threw out her second lawsuit. Perhaps the third time will be a charm?

Drake vs. Detail

Soft jokes and Drake go together like crying Jordan and internet fails. Despite that, while some people were busy placing Drake into all sorts of random memes, the actual Drake was apparently occupied with getting folks beat up.

Yes, you heard that correctly. Drake is currently facing a lawsuit from Grammy-winng producer Detail, whose work includes “Drunk in Love,” among other things.


It seems it all started because Detail refused to work with Drake exclusively. He claims that in 2014 he was asked to become an OVO in-house producer after he’d worked with Drake on his 2013 Nothing Was the Same album. Detail passed on the opportunity because when you’re working with the likes of Beyonce and Rihanna, a non-competition clause feels a little restrictive.

Detail claims that despite turning down the offer, he was invited to Drake’s house in June of that year to do some work. He goes on to say the invitation was merely a set up for Drake’s bodyguard to physically assault him. Detail went on to say he left the altercation with a broken jaw. He is now suing for an undisclosed amount.

Iggy Azalea vs. Nick Young + Social Media

Ending a relationship is never easy. It’s doubly hard when you’re a celebrity whose track record with social media is spotty at best. This week, Aussie transplant Iggy Azalea rediscovered the unforgiving nature of the internet when she announced the end of her engagement with ball player Nick Young…

Young had a decidedly more direct approach…

Shortly after the announcement paparazzi came forward claiming to have photos of Young’s beloved classic Chevy Impala being towed to Iggy’s house. The car was a birthday gift from the rapper while the couple were still together. Iggy promptly took to Twitter to deny the rumor…

Young seemed to refute the claim in a light-hearted Instagram post of a scene from the Martin Lawrence-starring film, A Thin Line Between Love and Hate

????? when I seen my car getting towed ??????? #SheBrokeMyShitDownInFrontTMZ

A video posted by Nick Young (@swaggyp1) on

Lil Mama vs. Nicki Minaj

In the weekly shade forecast, we have clouds for days and Lil Mama potentially taking shots at Nicki Minaj in her remix to Drake’s single “4pm in Calabasas.” Upon hearing and digesting the lyrics many listeners sensed some digs toward Minaj, particularly in the following lines…

“And you ain’t got no sons. I be hearing you talkin’ crazy, but you really is buns. So when you talk, talk politely. And when you tread, tread lightly cause the ice getting thinner, like 666, it’s gonna be a cold winter.”

Lil Mama

Lil Mama has allegedly made a bit of a habit of making her issues with Minaj known. In 2013 the younger rapper claimed Minaj emulated her style and had a tendency not to embrace other women rappers. She also dropped her “Too Fly” freestyle in 2015 which included these lines…

“If I was born in Trini and moved to the states, with the rage I make I would have got deported. I should punch you in your face for making me grandma / With all these sons and uncle grandpas / And the stunts you be pulling like you bloody, bloody mad / ’Til I smack you in the face while I’m writing these anthems.”

Lil Mama

Minaj never seems to have responded. Her fans on the other hand are currently running amok in Lil Mama’s mentions, attempting to ether her entire existence.

Theophilus London & A$AP Bari vs. Ian Connor

Fashion guys fight: that’s the big lesson we learned yesterday when Ian Connor tried to knuckle up with Theophilus London during a visit to colette in Paris. It didn’t end well as Connor promptly got his derriere handed back to him by A$AP Bari. Of course video of the incident surfaced online shortly thereafter…

Bari is seen commenting as Connor becomes increasingly agitated before flinging himself at the unsuspecting London. Shortly after he’s escorted from the store only to be set upon by Bari…

London and Connor quickly to the fight to Twitter where they engaged in a mud-slinging battle involving accusations of sexual misconduct, drug addiction and all sorts of other unpleasantries.

Ugly stuff.

Words by Stephanie Smith-Strickland
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