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Trevor Noah rips into Trump after final debate

Trevor Noah, Jon Stewart’s replacement on The Daily Show, devoted a segment of yesterday’s program to mocking Trump’s debate performance, comparing him to a giant novelty dildo – I mean, of course he did, what else is he going to say? Praise him for his reasoned arguments? But he didn’t go full partisan; no, for the sake of fairness he also pointed out that Hillary Clinton shouldn’t be wearing white after Labor Day. Have you no decency, Mrs. Clinton?

Taco truck drivers stage anti-Trump protest

Members of the Culinary Workers Union gathered outside of Trump International in Las Vegas, where they built a wall of taco trucks in front of the Trump-owned building, handing out free tacos and throwing a bit of a fiesta just before the final presidential debate. The reasons for this were obvious: Trump has spent nearly 18 months spouting off racist abuse against Mexicans, the gatekeepers of the taco tradition, and the many Latino immigrants that comprise the Culinary Workers Union wanted to send a message to Trump that they have been listening and they will make themselves heard on election day. Vamos amigos! – Munchies

Trump won’t say if he will accept election result

So the final presidential debate has come to a close with The Donald giving an improved and composed showing that many political commentators are largely putting down as a draw, or an ever-so-slight win for Clinton. The takeout of the evening was Trump’s refusal to say whether he will accept the election result or not, signaling that he’d rather keep the country “in suspense,” which Clinton described as “horrifying” and a denigration of U.S. democracy. Let’s just get this over with already, it’s beyond ugly. – New York Times

A.I. will be either best or worst thing ever, says Stephen Hawking

Star physicist, Stephen Hawking, has said in a lecture at Cambridge University that artificial intelligence will either be the best or the worst thing that has ever befallen humanity. Kind of covering your ass there from all angles, Stephen, but seriously, worst thing to befall humanity? Some unspeakably terrible things have befallen humanity over the centuries, should we even be taking the risk of meddling with A.I. if that risk exists? I don’t think so. – The Guardian

STD cases at all-time high in the U.S.

America is quite evidently feeling frisky as STD cases hit an all-time high in 2015, or maybe not. Real blame should actually lie with America’s pathological infatuation with free market capitalism, with budget cuts to state and local STI programs leaving fewer people with access to testing and treatment, so says the director of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Chlamydia went up by 6% to 1.5 million reported cases, gonorrhea was up 13% with 400,000 and both primary and secondary syphilis went up by 19% to 24,000 cases. If Trump wants to make America safer, he should probably hand out condoms. – The Verge

Barcelona & Arsenal win big in Champions League

Pep Guardiola had an unhappy return to the Nou Camp after Barcelona thrashed his Manchester City side 4-0 in the third Champions League group match in Group C, opening up a 5-point gap between the two sides, who occupy the first and second qualifying spots. Arsenal trounced Bulgarian side Ludogorets Razgrad 6-0, while Turkish side Besiktas won their first Champions League match in seven years after beating Napoli 2-3 at the Stadio San Paolo. – Newstalk

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Words by Aleks Eror
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