During season one of VICELAND‘s Noisey, host Zach Goldbaum took you behind the scenes in Chicago, Detroit, Las Vegas, Miami, London and Jamaica, among other locations, highlighting the music underworld of these areas. Now gearing up for the followup season, here we get our first look at what to expect from the next six episodes of Noisey.

Premiering January 10, the new installment will take you on a journey to the Bay Area, Nashville, Paris, Atlanta, Seoul and Lagos, as viewers will gain insight into the music happenings of these cities. Special guests include G-Eazy, E-40, T.I., Kesha, Wizkid and many others, as they will provide detailed information surrounding their respective scenes.

For a glimpse at season two of Noisey, which arrives on January 10, press play above.

Not NYC, not LA.

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