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We’ve seen it all before: as sportswear inches more and more into everyday wardrobes, it’s clear that the over-designed—and occasionally hyper-masculine—aesthetics simply don’t make sense for today’s modern man. Challenging the perceptions of what sportswear is, and what it can became, Los Angeles-based BRANDBLACK launches its thoroughly contemporary Spring/Summer 2017 collection.

Titled “Hinterlands,” the new selection takes aim at the way sportswear essentials are designed in the present day, instead opting for an approach that is softer, and non-conformist. Consisting of roughly 20 pieces, the collection features water- and wind-resistant bottoms textured with ultra soft moisture-wicking meshes, and an assortment of tops, jackets and lightweight shells. Details include pants and jackets with breathable panels, reflective accents, TPU dipped laces and micro zippers. Taken together, the clothing gives off a new “outside-looking-in” perspective on today’s sportswear engineering, resulting in a collection that represents not just a new direction in design, but the innovation that BRANDBLACK delivers to today’s style-conscious consumer.

With its Spring/Summer 2017, BRANDBLACK has traversed uncharted territory—a space outside sportswear’s conventions—to reveal a collection that is both refreshing, but classically stylish. Take a peek at the label’s upcoming collection on location, and get hyped for the label’s upcoming Spring/Summer 2017 drop, hitting Assembly New York, Willy Chavarria and BRANDBLACK on February 17.

  • Source: BRANDBLACK
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