4/20 was yesterday, but that doesn’t mean we’re no longer game to get wavy off some jazz cabbage fumes. Luckily, pop duo Blondage have got today’s smoking soundtrack covered with their latest track “Stoned.” Copenhagen’s very own Pernille Smith-Sivertsen and Esben Andersen have been making music together since 2012, when Pernille joined Esben’s solo experimental electronic project Rangleklods. Since shifting gears to Blondage, they’ve taken their sound to poppier places, in this case to the beach.

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We caught up with Pernille and Esben to dig into the subject of their most recent musical offering – getting stoned. Stream the uplifiting pop perfection of “Stoned” and read our Q&A with Blondage below.

Who is your favorite person to get stoned with?

Pernille: Esben for sure! I guess it’s because our brains are so linked up already and we’re used to being creative together so when we share a high weird stuff is said and done. Mostly we end up talking about stuff like how amazing a creature the octopus is or how silly it actually looks when people wear high heels (when you get to think of it and take a closer look!). You wonder a lot about the absurdities and cultural habits of people when you get high which is a great thing. It’s good to be reminded how absurd most of the things we do really is!

Esben: Pernille gets my vote too. We get high in such a naive way together.

If you could get stoned anywhere in the world, where would that be?

E: In a giant ass movie theater with BBC’s Planet Earth playing. The beautiful images and David Attenborough’s voice would make me melt.

P: In a spaceship while looking down at earth. I think I could make some pretty heavy conclusion about the meaning (or lack thereof) of life.

Favorite strain?

E: I’m no weed scientist, let me get that out the way, but I only want the uplifting stuff. I prefer the giggly, wondrous vibe to the completely mellowed out, let’s go to sleep high.

P: Yeah, we really don’t smoke that often. And never while working but once in awhile it’s the perfect way to chill with friends. That’s why it still matters every time we do it. We prefer homegrown semi mild stuff. The crazy scientifically altered, superpowered weed is too much for us. We can tell how people in America are used to smoking some crazy strong stuff. Compared to that we’re weak, fragile Scandinavians!

Favorite edible?

P: Pot brownie.


Favorite album to listen to while stoned?

P: Portishead – Dummy

E: Difficult question… It could be From Here We Go Sublime by The Field, Jai Paul’s Bootleg album or Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys.

Joint, spliff, bong, or vape?

E & P: Joint for sure.

What’s the best stoned experience you’ve ever had?

P: I ate a pot brownie once at Roskilde Festival in Denmark after we played our first big festival gig ever. It was with two of my best friends and it was hilarious. I seriously had a laugh attack for four hours. It even lasted through a really melancholic and ultimately pretty annoying rock show. Me and my friends had so many random but perfect conversations with strangers that night. Every door seemed open.

E: A night in Berlin with homies some years ago while we lived there. A warm summer night by the canal that separates Kreuzberg and Neukölln. It was like all the oscillations of the world synced up, I remember that. Reality seemed crisper and less difficult than it really is.

Dumbest thing you’ve ever done while stoned?

E: I was already drunk and decided that to smoke too was a grand idea. It wasn’t. Especially not since it was in L.A. and it’s like ten times stronger than what we’re used to. I lost all sense of balance and fell while I was searching for a place to lie down and hit my ribs into a table. I couldn’t walk for days after. Now I try to only do one of the two, smoke or drink.

P: Once in Austria after a gig I too decided to mix weed and alcohol. My German is pretty decent but that night it was flawless. I was offered a joint by some fans and just couldn’t resist. An hour later I found myself discussing philosophy with these guys in – at least in my head – perfect german. That night got really rowdy and because of my newly gained linguistic confidence I approached EVERYONE on the dancefloor to have conversations and flex my German skills. I’m glad I don’t remember any details. Getting up 7 AM the day after to catch a plane was no fun at at all.

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