We knew it was coming, but now ESPN has unleashed a new trailer, along with the premiere date, for Ric Flair’s anticipated 30 for 30 documentary.

“Every man wanted to be me,” Flair insists as the teaser opens up. “Because I had the nicest clothes, biggest cars and more women. And I was the best wrestler.”

Following, we go on to see various wrestling highlights from Nature Boy, in addition to numerous run-ins with the media and interviews from other wrestlers.

It wasn’t all fun and games for the legendary personality, however. “It was something I was pretty good at,” Flair says. “Then it became a disease.”

So while on the surface Ric was all about the aforementioned clothes, jewelry, cars and women, he was still struggling with something deeper, which will be detailed in 30 for 30: Nature Boy on ESPN November 7.

For more, see Flair flexing his ‘fit while sneaker shopping in New York City.

  • Image: Paul Kane/Getty

Not NYC, not LA.