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Last week, hackers attacked HBO, leaking the script for the fourth episode of Game of Thrones Season 7, before releasing the full episode the day before the official TV premiere.

Now those same hackers are back and this time they haven’t just leaked the next episode’s script, but they left a ransom note.

Like something out of Mr Robot, the hackers have uploaded scripts for the first five episodes watermarked with the group’s slogan “HBO is Falling,” alongside internal HBO documents like emails, and employment agreements.

The hackers have only released a half-gigabyte sample of what they say is 1.5 terabytes of stolen info, so things likely could get worse for HBO — a fear that the hackers hope to use to extort cash from the company.

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In the ransom note to HBO CEO Richard Plepler published by the hackers, the group is demanding a redacted amount of money to stop further leaks.

“Our demand is clear and Non-Negotiable: We want XXXX dollars to stop leaking your Data,” the hackers write. “HBO spends 12 million for Market Research and 5 million for GOT7 advertisements. So consider us another budget for your advertisements!”

The note is signed by a “Mr. Smith” and also demands that the ransom is paid within three days from when it was sent, though it gives no date.

The letter also warns that “Leakage will be your worst nightmare,” and includes an image of Game of Thrones Night King with the words “standing” in one hand and “falling” in either arm.

In other news, Game of Thrones costume designer used cheap IKEA rugs as capes.

  • Source: Wired
  • Main & Featured Image: HBO
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