If you’re a baseball fan, especially of the Bostonian kind, you’ve probably heard of ’47. The classic American sports brand was founded by twin Italian brothers Henry and Arthur D’Angelo, and this new animated series tells the story of how the brand got its start. The roughly one-minute episode begins when one of the brothers explains that their journey actually began in Italy in 1938 when they first set sail for America, nearly a decade before ’47 was actually founded. They eventually land in New York and make their way up to Boston where the duo hustled like hell selling newspapers in front of Fenway Park for a mere two cents. The razzle-dazzle of Fenway caught the D’Angelos’ attention, and from there the early days of ’47 was officially born.

Watch the first episode above for the rest of the story and find more info below.

Words by Daniel So
Branded Content Editor

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