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By now, it is of little mystery that BAPE’s Rolex-inspired BAPEX watch series has grown to be one of contemporary fashion’s most sought after accessories. Having grown into becoming somewhat of a cult item within elite streetwear circles, the BAPEX sees watch-wearers often choosing it over that of its namesake counterpart.

To cap off summer’s end, BAPE will make both its Type 1 and Type 3 iterations available on its web store soon. The BAPEX Type 1 will be available in a stunning all-black option, with silver and gold alternatives to boot, whereas the Type 3 flaunts BAPE’s signature camouflage patterning over its face, and is encased in a polished silver body. The watches are expected to retail from between $590 and $670.

In related news, this new Mercedes-Maybach 6 concept would go perfectly with either one of the two BAPEX models listed above.

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