Darryl Brown

Darryl Brown elevates workwear, reinventing long standing cuts and silhouettes. We were one of the first to work with him, and we see something special in his approach to design — "Dries meets Carhartt" is a spot-on description. You just have to get it to get it.

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Darryl Brown is the Kanye West-approved designer bringing authenticity to workwear. The former railroad engineer turned designer launched his self-titled brand in 2019 after seeing other brands trying to capitalize on the growing workwear trends with no real connection to the blue-collar, nine-to-five lifestyle. “Workwear was becoming a trend and I felt like it was something that was so true to me — so I wanted to offer my take on it,” he explains.

Darryl Brown's luxurious take on workwear has been described as what would happen if Dries Van Noten and Carhartt had a baby. Looking at the pieces presented, you will find a carefully crafted mix of references to Brown's personal relationship with workwear, as well as his time as a fashion stylist for Kanye West.

Clothing with a "modern vintage twist," thumbing through the menswear brand, you might come upon Japanese-inspired cargo pants and military work shirts to hard-working, made-to-last heavy cotton tees and hoodies. Darryl Brown has managed to create clothing that stems from a fresh perspective and that speaks to this fashion subgenre’s true fans. In just a short period of time, Darryl Brown has become one of the most exciting voices in workwear.