FiverrInspiration Card Deck Multi

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Sure, working from home is great and all, but it does present its own challenges, like establishing — and adhering to — self-imposed boundaries between work and personal life. Fiverr, the world’s largest freelance services marketplace, is here to help with any issues working from home may create by releasing a collection of office essentials in collaboration with Brooklyn-based Bi-Rite Studio. The “Other Angles” capsule is designed to enhance your existing workspace and promote productivity and creativity while you work. Items like the Inspiration Card Deck ultimately aid in adapting these spaces to our new working world. A new-age take on your classic deck of cards, Fiverr’s Inspiration Deck is filled with thoughts, questions, ideas, and prompts that will lead the way to a new perspective for your project. You’ll soon be able to look at the exact same thing and see it differently by approaching it from another angle. After all, being stuck is an unavoidable part of the creative process — we all experience it.


Paper. Multicolored design.

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