Marni's playful spirit, combined with its experimental approach to materials and colors, keeps us returning to this luxury Italian brand each season. These pieces won't just brighten up your wardrobe; they will be in your rotation for years to come.

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61 Items








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Color-Block Mohair Cap Multi
MarniColor-Block Mohair Cap Multi
$500.00 USD
Floral Shopper Tote Green
Marni x Carhartt WIPFloral Shopper Tote Green
$445.00 USD
Six-Panel Logo Cap Black
MarniSix-Panel Logo Cap Black
$545.00 USD
Checked Oversized Down Jacket Black
Marni x Dingyun ZhangChecked Oversized Down Jacket Black
$2,990.00 USD
V-Neck Sweater Vest Cassis
MarniV-Neck Sweater Vest Cassis
$685.00 USD
Checked Mohair Cardigan Black
MarniChecked Mohair Cardigan Black
$1,555.00 USD
Wool Pant Black
MarniWool Pant Black
$980.00 USD
Big Check Shirt Jacket Maize
MarniBig Check Shirt Jacket Maize
$1,670.00 USD
Mini Plaid Check Tote Bag Black
MarniMini Plaid Check Tote Bag Black
$385.00 USD
Marble-Dyed Trousers Maize
MarniMarble-Dyed Trousers Maize
$755.00 USD
Cargo Pocket Wool Trousers Black
MarniCargo Pocket Wool Trousers Black
$656.00 USD
$820.00 USD
Eye Necklace Pink
MarniEye Necklace Pink
$240.00 USD
$300.00 USD
Dice Charm Bracelet Mint
MarniDice Charm Bracelet Mint
$300.00 USD
$375.00 USD
Basket Tank Top Shopping Bag Black
MarniBasket Tank Top Shopping Bag Black
$378.25 USD
$445.00 USD
Crossbody Bag Black/Silk White/Red
MarniCrossbody Bag Black/Silk White/Red
$600.00 USD
$750.00 USD
Museo Nano Bag Red/Beige
MarniMuseo Nano Bag Red/Beige
$600.00 USD
$750.00 USD
Tribeca Shoulder Bag Antique White
MarniTribeca Shoulder Bag Antique White
$420.00 USD
$525.00 USD
Origami Card Holder Blue
MarniOrigami Card Holder Blue
$216.00 USD
$270.00 USD
Mouliné Balaclava Blue
MarniMouliné Balaclava Blue
$425.00 USD
Tribeca Two-Tone Shopping Bag Pink/Grey
MarniTribeca Two-Tone Shopping Bag Pink/Grey
$400.00 USD
$500.00 USD
Striped Alpaca Scarf Multi
MarniStriped Alpaca Scarf Multi
$425.00 USD
Color-Block Mohair Beanie Orange
MarniColor-Block Mohair Beanie Orange
$625.00 USD
Shopping Bag Stone
MarniShopping Bag Stone
$760.00 USD
$950.00 USD
Check Knit Balaclava Brown
MarniCheck Knit Balaclava Brown
$425.00 USD
Wool Turtleneck Pink
MarniWool Turtleneck Pink
$1,135.00 USD
Logo Beanie Grey
MarniLogo Beanie Grey
$350.00 USD
Shopping Tote Black
MarniShopping Tote Black
$556.00 USD
$695.00 USD
Mohair Sweater Beige Multi
MarniMohair Sweater Beige Multi
$1,060.00 USD
Logo Stripe T-Shirt Lily White
MarniLogo Stripe T-Shirt Lily White
$400.00 USD
$500.00 USD
Origami Card Holder Beige
MarniOrigami Card Holder Beige
$172.00 USD
$215.00 USD
Sabot Black
MarniSabot Black
$760.00 USD
$950.00 USD
Printed Silk Button-Up Shirt Multi
MarniPrinted Silk Button-Up Shirt Multi
$804.00 USD
$1,005.00 USD
Drawstring Chino Shorts Ink Blue
MarniDrawstring Chino Shorts Ink Blue
$312.50 USD
$625.00 USD
Striped Crochet Cardigan Multi
Marni x No Vacancy InnStriped Crochet Cardigan Multi
$645.00 USD
$1,075.00 USD
Poplin Bowling Shirt Multi
Marni x No Vacancy InnPoplin Bowling Shirt Multi
$377.50 USD
$755.00 USD
Bey Tote Bag Shell/Black
Marni x No Vacancy InnBey Tote Bag Shell/Black
$410.00 USD
$820.00 USD
Poplin Shorts Multi
Marni x No Vacancy InnPoplin Shorts Multi
$347.50 USD
$695.00 USD
Printed Tote Bag Multicolour
Marni x No Vacancy InnPrinted Tote Bag Multicolour
$250.00 USD
$500.00 USD
Terry Cloth Tote Bag Light Lime
MarniTerry Cloth Tote Bag Light Lime
$475.00 USD
$950.00 USD
Striped Button-Up Shirt White
MarniStriped Button-Up Shirt White
$478.00 USD
$1,195.00 USD
Denim Cargo Pants Blue
MarniDenim Cargo Pants Blue
$402.50 USD
$805.00 USD
Striped Mohair Sweater Multi
MarniStriped Mohair Sweater Multi
$794.50 USD
$1,135.00 USD
Striped V-Neck Sweater Vest Blue
MarniStriped V-Neck Sweater Vest Blue
$760.00 USD
$950.00 USD
Tribeca Shoulder Bag Yellow
MarniTribeca Shoulder Bag Yellow
$356.00 USD
$445.00 USD
Tribeca Phone Case Yellow
MarniTribeca Phone Case Yellow
$136.00 USD
$340.00 USD
Roundneck Sweater Black
MarniRoundneck Sweater Black
$402.00 USD
$1,005.00 USD
Bucket Hat Blue
MarniBucket Hat Blue
$262.50 USD
$375.00 USD
Trousers Metal Brown
MarniTrousers Metal Brown
$610.00 USD

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Discovering Marni is like gaining access to one of the most dazzling parties the fashion scene has to offer. When you enter, everyone around you is wearing extravagant tailor-made pieces, with billowy and almost weightless fits decorated with light-hearted and bright patterns. From florals to checks to plaid to stripes, Marni has been experimenting with clothing so that their jackets, sweaters, pants, t-shirts and accessories, like their signature market bag or fur shoes and slides, have become a canvas in which fashion and art are closer than ever.

After the departure of Consuelo Castiglioni as founder and creative director of the Milan-based fashion house, and with the arrival of Francesco Risso in 2016, Marni has seen a continuation of the exuberant prints and colours that first made the brand famous but also added Risso’s uniquely playful and bright aesthetic to it. A new and fresh maximalism focused on highlighting the unique individuals wearing the garments.

In addition to avant-garde designs and patterns, Marni was also ahead of its time with the 2006 launch of their Marni Virtual Store, pioneering as one of the first luxury brands to focus on e-commerce. They brought fashion to our computer screens when we were still used to buying exclusively in boutiques and downtown shops. The virtual store also allowed costumers to explore the numerous collaborations the brand has become famous for, such as with PORTER and UNIQLO.

Marni’s designs and collections bear the hallmark of a brand that loves to amaze, interpreting fashion in a fun and unconventional way. Thanks to their dedication to craftmanship, to their eccentric eclecticism and by mastering the art of layering, Marni leaves no one indifferent and carries on being a leader in the world of fashion.

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