Lourdes NYC

Aresti pulls directly from NYC's rich street fashion history, elevating different styles and staples with strong prints and cuts. Of course, you can't forget about the denim!

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Lourdes is a love letter to the city. Founded by the Peruvian- American designer Andreas Aresti, the fashion newcomer is rich with mid-90s cultural references and personal memories that speak to his childhood in Queens. A sense of nostalgia is imbued into Lourdes' striking multi-pocket denim, oversized leather jackets, and draped shirts. Reimagined streetwear silhouettes are spliced together with unisex pieces, creating off-kilter but easy-to-wear designs. All of Aresti's creations are driven by a singular goal — to develop garments that hold a long-lasting and sentimental value.

Before launching his label, Aresti pivoted between a number of fashion houses and creative directors, spending some time with the likes of Stefano Pilati, Shayne Oliver, Nicola Formichetti, and Kanye West. The stylist turned designer would eventually launch Lourdes NYC, naming the brand after his mother. A first-generation immigrant from Peru, the brand represents a version of the American Dream that is rarely told in fashion. Lourdes is unapologetically New York. Aresti elevates timeless looks straight from the 90s and flips them on their head, playing with proportions, cuts, and even the purpose of the garment.

Lourdes polos are deconstructed, windbreakers are repurposed, and denim is turned into a functional staple. It's an artful twist on familiar basics brought together fluidly with an earthy color palette.