Phipps has rapidly risen to the forefront of contemporary fashion, with the aim to lead the fashion industry towards a more sustainable future. The label creates collections blending new masculine archetypes with a unique appreciation for craft, quality, and a focus on environmental responsibility.

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PHIPPS is here to save the world, and it wants to have fun doing it. The brand refuses to participate in the pretentious greenwashing that's become common across industries. Instead, Spencer Phipps' namesake brand approaches sustainable fashion with an air of playfulness, mindfulness, and inclusivity with a specific focus on survival — as individuals, as a species, as a planet, and as an industry. This mission and the newcomer's blending of Northwestern Americana styles with European tropes shape how the brand approaches its creations. Clothing is stylish and environmentally conscious, made using recycled fabrics, raw textiles, and natural dyes. Slouchy trucker shirts, educational graphic hoodies, and upcycled puffer jackets are designed to be relaxed but functional, often made from durable materials capable of adapting to any lifestyle. The PHIPPS universe is a seamless celebration of nature and contemporary menswear.

Spencer worked under both Marc Jacobs and Dries Van Noten before launching PHIPPS in Paris in 2018. Born and raised in San Francisco, the designer's love for the region's outdoor sports community and overt fascination with counterculture are all directly reflected in the PHIPPS brand. There are hints of workwear, performance gear, and streetwear throughout PHIPPS's four different lines. COLLECTION features the brand's seasonal releases and collaborations like its drop with Smokey Bear, while FUNDAMENTALS provides the seasonal essentials like the blank hoodies and tees needed to build a wardrobe. PHIPPS GOLD LABEL line is a collection of customized vintage and deadstock garments sourced from around the world. It includes everything from beautifully aged flannels to customized denim heirlooms. Finally, PHIPPS LAB is where the brand experiments with new innovative garments for the outdoors.

All of PHIPPS's clothing is made from an ecological standpoint, ensuring manufacturing minimizes the brand's carbon footprint. Spencer and team frequently partner with environmental non-profits, incorporating these environmental missions into their creations, like with its "Save the Fucking Whales" t-shirt for American NGO Ocean Global. This humor in activism is what makes PHIPPS unique. "No one wants to be told, 'I'm better than you, and I'm trying harder," says Spencer. "If you can make it fun, you can include people."