Winnie New York

Trained under the houses of Burberry and Tom Ford, Winnie NYC founder Idris Balogun is now aiming to deconstruct luxury. The Nigerian designer's mission is to serve up quality products informed by storytelling, humility, and accessibility.

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7 Items

What you see is what you get at WINNIE NYC, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Thumb through any of the label’s collections, and you will quickly notice the brand’s exceptional tailoring, contemporary silhouettes, and homey fabrics. Yet the brand’s overarching designs are never out of reach, created with an heir of casualness — making them the perfect candidates for your daily wear. Obsessing over a pair of impeccably fitting WINNIE NYC suiting trousers, a corduroy bomber jacket, or a mohair sweater is not too out of pocket. This all makes sense. Founder Idris Balogun spent his early career on the famed Savile Row and the designer treats every new addition to Winnie NYC as an opportunity to reconnect with the craft of garment making.

On top of garnering experience at Savile Row, Balogun worked for the likes of Christopher Bailey, Tom Ford, and Burberry — before launching his own label in 2018. WINNIE NYC was created to pay homage to his late grandmother, Princess Winifred Dademu. Born in Nigeria before emigrating to the UK as a child, Balogun uses past experiences and connections to family and culture to design. His menswear is informed by childhood memories of summers in Nigeria and the various techniques that he has picked up throughout his career.

The end result is warm collections with personal narratives, all with a level of detailing and execution that could rival most fashion houses. WINNIE NYC subscribes to sporty streetwear, timeless suiting, with slight hints to workwear. Lush wools, fine silks, and soft cotton are also part of the brand’s DNA. You’ll have no problem adding WINNIE NYC into your rotation.

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