Apple is releasing its new iOS 14 today for the iPhone 6 or above and for those of you stressed out by your daily commute, it's bringing along something that might help.

The new operating system features many new changes to improve functionality and aesthetics. Perhaps one of the standout additions is the update to Maps, which will now include special directions specifically for cyclists. So, if you hate taking the train or bus to work on the daily — let's be real, who enjoys that during a pandemic, but we all gotta eat — and own a bicycle or were considering buying one anyway, this could make cycling to the office way less stressful.

Speaking of stress, the update also promises to clean up your home screen. If you have tons of apps, there's now an app for that too — iOS 14 includes an App Library to help you keep things under control.

Elsewhere, Siri now comes with a roster of new features including audio translation, the Messages app now boasts the ability to pin certain conversations to the top of chats, and App Clips gives you the opportunity to access an element of a certain App without having to download it fully.

For more details on the new operating system, head here.

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